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How to Configure VPN in Linux OS

Virtual private Network

With the level of restriction going on today in our world, with politicians controlling every media and attacks here and there with imposition of censorship and discrimination based on computer, browser, and IP address.

Most technologies aim to free information from censorship and geo-restrictions. Most restrictions are only placed on the internet artificially and superficially, and can easily be bypassed.

At times poorly configured networks are something that often have to be bypassed using tools otherwise created to break censorship – as anybody knows who’s had trouble connecting to their server via SSH with airport Wi-Fi.

One way to bypass censorship is with a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Virtual networking is a technology that facilitates data communication between two or more virtual machines (VM). It is similar to traditional computer networking but provides interconnection between VMs, virtual servers and other related components in a virtualized computing environment.

Once you CONNECT to a VPN, you will hopefully be able to browse the internet free from obstruction, and from any country of your choice. What this means is that you can be in India and Post to be browsing in Nigeria.


An ISP might be required by your government to introduce censorship tools or limit access to certain platforms or sites.

An ISP(internet Service Providers) might also voluntarily add such restrictions, possibly in a poor understanding of information security, or to limit the services its users can enjoy for commercial or legal reasons.

A VPN could also impose censorship, but they would not be able to get away with it for long.

Switching your VPN provider is uncomplicated and fast, and as long as the user demands an open internet, even if only in principle, the VPN provider will be forced by market powers to provide it

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